Tips and tricks


  1. Decide on a page to display the blog roll, the list of blog posts.
  2. Add and configure an include to this page that uses the Posts plugin.
  3. Sub pages of the ‘blog roll’ page will now effectively be blog posts.

Default sub-pages

Imagine you want to organize a series of pages into a section of the website:

  • /ingredients/anchove
  • /ingredients/pineapple
  • /ingredients/pepper

But /ingredients itself is not a page.

To solve this problem, you could create these pages as top level pages, but that might become difficult to manage. Instead, add these pages as sub-pages of an ‘Ingredients’ page and use a redirect to force the ‘Ingredients’ page to link to its first sub page:

  • /ingredients > /ingredients/anchovy (301 redirect)
  • /ingredients/anchovy
  • /ingredients/pineapple
  • /ingredients/pepper

Customizing editing colors

Select the letters in the Pagespace title to change the editing color.