Page editing

Pages are composed of regions (headers, sidebar, main areas etc). Regions contain includes. Includes are the components of a web page (text-copy, navigation bars, embedded videos) etc. Edit includes to change their configuration or the content they display.

Pressing a page title in the site-map view opens a preview of that page. From here you may:

Add an include

Hovering over a region will display an empty rectangle where new includes may be added. Hovering over this rectangle will reveal an Add include button.

To add a new include:

  1. Press the button to add an include.
  2. A dialog will be displayed, requiring you to select the type of plugin that should be added. The plugins available will vary depending on what plugins the administrator or developer has made available.
  3. Select the desired plugin type and press Add include

You may now edit the include as detailed in the (next section)[#edit-include].

Add include

Editing includes

Hovering over a content item (include) of a page will display its editing controls. In top-right corner is the Launch editor button and a drag grippy.

Press the Launch editor button to edit the content or configuration of an include. Each include is controlled by a Pagespace plugin. The interface to edit different types of include will vary given the plugin it uses.

Edit include

Remove an include

  1. Use the drag grippy to drag the include.
  2. When dragging, a “remove” area will appear in the header of the page.
  3. Drop the include over this area to remove it.

If removing a shared include, it will still exist on the other pages where it is used.

Remove include

Change the position of an include

Change the position of an include by swapping it with another include in the same region:

  1. Use the drag grippy to drag the include.
  2. Drop it on the include you wish to swap it with.

Change include position

Preview the page without editing

When editing a page, in the header, press Preview. The page will open in a new tab without any dashboard or editing controls.

If the page has been published, press Live. This will open a new tab containing the current live version of the page, that visitors to the website will currently see.

Preview page