Static site generation

Pagespace can be used to generate static sites.

A typical scenario is to run a local Pagesapce server, editing wiki entries or blog posts using the Markdown plugin and using the static site generator to deploy it to a service such as Github pages or a static file server.

To generate a static site, use the Pagespace CLI.

npm install pagespace-cli -g

Ensure a Pagespace server is running a do:

pagespace static -h http://localhost:3000 -o /path/to/output -a admin:admin

How it works

The generator works by

  • getting the rendered output of each page in the database
  • resolving the urls of links and urls to be document-relative
  • storing the rendered page as an HTML file in the correct relative location


URLs within external resources such as CSS files (e.g. background: url(/site-relative/image.png)) will not be resolved. You must either include such styles inline in the Handlebars template or update them manually.