Get Started



Pagespace runs on Node.JS. It should run on version >= 0.10, but the current stable version is recommended


Pagespace uses MongoDB as its data store.


Pagespace integrates with Express 4 as middleware.

Start by either generating a new Express application from scratch or integrating with an existing Express application.

Generating a new Express/Pagespace app

A Slush generator is available to generate a new Pagespace application from scratch.

Start by installing Slush:

npm install slush -g

then installing the Pagespace generator:

npm install slush-pagespace -g

Now create a new directory for you application and run the generator:

mkdir my-site && cd my-site
slush pagespace

Get started by visiting the dashboard app at http://localhost:3000/_dashboard

Integrating with an existing Express app

Install Pagesapce:

npm install pagesapce --save

Your Express setup should include something like this:

// require pagespace and required peer dependencies: Express + bodyParser, cookieParser and session
var pagespace = require('pagespace');
var express = require('express');
var bodyParser = require('body-parser');
var cookieParser = require('cookie-parser');
var session = require("express-session");

var app = express();

// initialize body parser, cookie parser or session middleware for all routes expect Pagespace static routes
app.use(/^(?!\/_static).+/, [ bodyParser.json(), cookieParser(), session({secret: process.env.SESSION_SECRET || 'foo'})]);

// configure the pagespace view directory and a custom templates directory as Express view locations
app.set('views', [ pagespace.getViewDir(), '/theme/templates' ]);

// configure view templates with the 'hbs' extension to use the Pagespace view engine
app.engine('hbs', pagespace.getViewEngine());

// initialize and add Pagespace middleware
    db: 'mongodb://localhost/my-site'

Check out the full API documentation for more options when initializing Pagespace. Also see the Slush generator for a complete example of the Express setup


Install some plugins that you wamt to build your site with:

npm install pagesapce-nav --save

npm install pagespace-html --save

#web copy (wysiwig html editor)
npm install pagesapce-webcopy --save

npm install pagespace-markdown --save

#blog post roll
npm install pagespace-posts --save

Start the server


npm start

and visit the Dashboard at http://localhost:3000/_dashboard